Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Attention seeking parents or children

One thing that bugs me is parents who feel they need special attention everytime their child/ren is sick. All children get sick at one time or another, I understand that but I'm talking about the one person we all no doubt have in our lives who's child is constantly sick and they're milking all the attention they possibly can.

It's one thing to have a child/ren that have medical issues or get sick from daycare or school. It's another to constantly whinge n gripe bout every little detail of your child's illness. A while ago I had a lady initiate a conversation with me by telling me what her sick daughter's temp was. It's heartbreaking when your child is sick, but what the heck are you doing chatting online??

Nearly every conversation I've had with this woman is about how her daughter is sick. It's not the same illness either that she hasn't seemed to gotten over either. Maybe she's a very sick little girl but maybe, just maybe her mother loves the attention she gets when people hear or see she's looking after a sick baby yet again.

I realise this probably makes me sound incredibly arrogant n rude. Not to mention a complete bitch but I can't help the warning bells in my head each time this mother seems to be fishing for attention n sympathy. I think first n foremost get off the computer n sit with ur sick child until she's better. I know my life comes to a grinding halt when either of my kids are sick, there's just no time for internet or socialising as I'll too busy administering panadol, wet face washers, cuddles n lots of mummy time.

I know it's not just me either. My best friend often has as least one kid feeling unwell; other friends of mine have kids that are sick but instead, they go a little MIA at those times. Not sticking there whole Facebook page about their sick child n how rundown they are. We're mother's, it's part of our role to endure this every now n then. We soldier on though.
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